Things I’m reading

There is so much fabulous content out there today that it could be a full time job just reading a small part of it. This is a start of what I hope to be a semi-regular series of snippets from articles, blogs and books I’m reading that I haven’t selected to spend more time on. I’d love hear if you like these or if would like to recommend anything to me.

Visual memory, what can you remember?
Explores how the human brain filters out information. What is interesting is that while this is far from new, the examples they studied we might have thought would not have been filtered out.

The benefits of physical task boards
While this article bolsters my own cognitive bias, it does refer to proper scientific research that outlines how memory retention is better from a physical medium. My understanding it’s more about the act of physically writing than the board.

Empowering your empowerment
Explores some common misconceptions about how to empower people in your organisation.

Pushing decisions down
Tips and observations on how to let decisions be made without the need of managerial intervention. Great when you’re trying to get an organisation to move to a more  self organising and learning way. As an aside you might be interested in the author’s TED talk on the same subject.

Learning by do?
Discussing how to blend teaching new concepts and learning through failure. Interesting insights with great links to research in the area.

So what do you think about these? Anything I should read? Let me and others know through the comments.