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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who can captivate and entertain your audience and deliver practical insights on Business Change, Agile, Value Stream Mapping, or SAFe? 

Organisation founder Glenn Smith, conference speaker, author, and recognised contributor to the SAFe® framework, brings a unique blend of expertise, inspiration, and storytelling to empower employees, delegates and organisations on their business agility journey. 

With a talent for simplifying the complex, Glenn’s presentations unravel intricacies to leave audiences equipped with practical insights to embrace agility with confidence.And that’s even before considering rework and quality issues. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Using systems thinking, we’re here to help you expose the problems so you can eliminate waste, reduce lead times and release customer value sooner using Value Stream Management.

Our customers enjoy results

Practical and pragmatic

“Glenn is an excellent presenter who delivers inclusive advice and guidance on business transformation based on his extensive knowledge and experience. His presentations are compelling and convincing, making it easy for the attendees to relate to and then apply the concepts. I highly recommend attending one of Glenn’s presentations.”

David Richardson, Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)
UK Central Government Major Programme Manager

Events you can book Glenn for:

Internal Conferences: Energise your company events with a keynote that inspires action and fosters a culture of agility.

Kick-off Meetings: Set the tone for a successful initiative with a thought-provoking presentation that sparks enthusiasm.

Panel Discussions: Engage your audience with Glenn’s expertise as a panellist or facilitator, stimulating insightful conversations.

Podcasts: Invite Glenn as a guest on your podcast to share practical strategies and valuable insights on business agility.

Meetups and community events: Enjoy an engaging talk at your community gathering, leaving attendees with actionable takeaways.

NB: Whether virtual or in-person, Glenn adapts adapt his presentations to suit the format and ensure a memorable experience. Fees will be discussed during the booking process. 

Curious about Glenn’s previous speaking engagements? 

SAFe conferences:
Prague 2023 – Success Factors and Anti-Patterns in SAFe 
Washington 2019 – Trains, Planes and Automobiles Lighting Talk
EU Summit 2020 – System Team PO 
Virtual 2020 – Demystifying Leading Indicators

Safe London meetup panel – I used to be a Lion Tamer, but now I’m a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)!
Meetups – Cost of Delay, Apples v Pears

Webinars and others:
Porto Regional Scrum Gathering – Organisational Agility
Agile Cambridge – Unleashing Diversity 
Webinar – Organisational Agility with SAFe

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