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Here’s how we do it differently

We know that any form of organisational change can feel more than a little daunting. There’s a lot to do, determining the root of the problem, aligning teams, and breaking down communication siloes. But we believe that transformation shouldn’t be that difficult.

That’s why our business is founded on these 4 principles.


We make it simple

By its very nature, organisational change is complex. Human nature dictates that we don’t want to do hard things. To help you demystify change, we’ll make the complicated feel simple.


Iterative changes give quick results

People don’t learn what’s dry and boring. They learn by doing. When people enjoy making iterative changes happen, particularly when they see quick and frequent improvements. you’ll reduce resistance across the organisation.


Enduring change creates lasting legacies

Consulting isn’t simply about addressing the immediate issues. It’s about giving your teams the skills and frameworks to deliver enduring change. That’s how we’ll help you leave a positive legacy for the future.


There’s no one-size-fits-all

The Scaled Agile Framework is a powerful tool. But like every framework, it doesn’t answer every question. Many times, you’ll need an answer that’s not in the SAFe playbook. Having helped enterprises across the globe make change happen, we’ll help you avoid pitfalls, see your blindspots and delight your customers more easily.

Our story

Many moons ago, Glenn was a software engineer heading up complex Telecoms work for Motorola. But as the leader of several large teams that spanned Europe and Asia, he found getting everyone working together wasn’t as easy as he first thought. Project scope would change, priorities were often misaligned, and communication was poor.

As a result, he found himself spending 30-40% of his time planning and replanning work.

This led to an important observation:

This was not a good use of company time or money.

He realised there must be a better way. After much searching, he discovered the Agile way of working.

The Agile solution was simple: Plan in detail for the short term. Outline future work in less detail.

Not surprisingly, using the Agile approach started to pay dividends. Teams were happier, projects were delivered faster, with more quality, and word began to spread.

Given this success, he was soon tasked with rolling out Agile across an entire business unit of about 500 people spanning the globe. In what he calls a baptism of fire, he quickly figured out what worked and what didn’t when working at scale. And the result? He started to see the impact that enterprise-level agility had on employees, customers and profits.

Fast-forward to the present, and Glenn Smith, our founder, has empowered hundreds of teams and a multitude of industries to spotlight organisational problems, understand their impact on the business, and deliver solutions.

More about Glenn…

Our core belief is that paying it back is important. That’s why Glenn is a conference speaker, author and is recognised as a SAFe framework contributor. For us, it’s all about sharing thoughts and ideas. It’s how, together, we make the world a better place.

No enterprise should struggle to work as effectively as it could.

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